Dog Walking

Give your pet the daily exercise required to stay fit and live a long, healthy life with our daily care service. It's ideal for clients who have a new addition to the family that is not able to "hold it" for the time they are away. This service is also convenient for people who are away from home for extended hours, or simply do not have the time necessary to provide adequate exercise for their pet. Each visit will last approximately 30 minutes.

Visits Per Day: One - $17, Two - $32, Three - $47

Dog Walking Packages: 30 Minute Visits.

Package A: 2 days per week ( 8 per month) $132
Package B: 3 days per week (12 per month) $190
Package C: 5 days per week (20 per month) $310

Contact Us: Phone 616-481-6324

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